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Project group "Climate Literature"

Be informed, share, spread important knowledge and take action - one way to do these things could be to hold reading groups that examine literature on climate change or other environmental issues. In this project group, you compile a reading list and meet to discuss what you have read. This is also an opportunity to get to know like-minded people and their different views. You can also think about how you would use this knowledge to benefit the climate. Concrete ideas for projects may emerge during the reading process, which we can publish here to find people to implement them. For example, we could offer environmental education workshops in schools to spread the word.


Curious to know which people are interested in the same topics as you?

French Reading Group - Écopoétique

We also want to set up a reading group for French environmental literature. The aim is to organize discussions/lectures on various topics affecting the relationship between humans and the environment, particularly reflected in the literature and the current movement in environmental literature.

In short, it's about reading, philosophizing, informing and changing our perception of the environment - for a better future and a healthier relationship with nature

Find out more about this group on the French site of Ideaction:

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