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Act out ideas together.

For the environment and society.

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About Us

Where do all our good ideas go? In order to implement them, we often need a team of motivated, like-minded people ready to commit themselves to the same values. Sometimes we lack the support of a mentor, in-depth background knowledge, and feedback from experts.


Ideaction helps these ideas break out into the real world where they can make an impact. We are a student association founded in autumn 2021 at the University of Zürich. Ideas from students on the topics of environmental protection and social engagement are published here on our platform, where other students can browse through them and contribute to their implementation. Independent project groups can thus form and be put into action with our support.

To make the process as exciting, instructive, and successful as possible, we organise talks by experts (e.g., specialists from renowned humanitarian and environmental protection agencies) to provide valuable input for project groups. 

There are two ways to get involved - propose your own idea to start a project group or join an existing one. 

Ideas and Project Groups

Subject Areas

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Contribute to environmental protection in your own way, with your own idea: be it an occasion to raise awareness in society, an activity for waste reduction, or any other contribution to climate goals.

Cotton Plant


Gather around ideas on how to counteract social injustice: in the fashion industry, cocoa cultivation, the refugee situation, or resource security.

Mexican Fiesta

Create a Student Association

Help develop this student association: in the supervision of project groups, advertising, event management, or establishing contacts with NGOs, experts, and startups.

Meet the Team


Alice Meyer


BSc in Environmental Sciences


Lea Hofer


BA student in Sociology

  and Philosophy


Jessica Roady

Treasurer &

Website Translation

MA Student in Computational Linguistics
BA in Humanitarian Aid


Head of Sponsoring & Networking

BSc student in environmental sciences 


Karolin Neuffer

Patrick Eugster


MSc student in

Information Systems


Jonas Vetsch

Reels & Videos

Videographer at Vetsch video

Lucia Ideaction.jpg

Lucia Gemma

Project Group Supervisor

BA student in  Psychology and Business Administration


Katerina Kuneva

Event organization

BSc student in Computer Science and Computational Science

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-05 at 16.45.31.jpeg

Jan Linder

First contact with interested students & newsletter editing

Masters in Science, Technology and Policy



Funding & Financing

Get in touch with potential sponsors and keep track of our association account. With some financial support, our project groups will achieve even more!



Content Creator

Keep our Insta account up to date with regular posts and add the latest project ideas to the website - there's plenty of room for creativity in this role!




Sadly, our current co-presidents will be leaving university in 2024. For this reason we are already looking for motivated co-presidents who want to take this important and exciting role at ideaction!


Thanks for submitting!

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