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Student Organisation

Co-determine in which direction Ideaction should develop. Only with a motivated organisational team can we guarantee that ideas in the project groups will be successfully implemented! Which area of this young student association would you like to help shape?

Start-up help & support for project groups

What kind of support do the groups need in order to collect, organise and implement their ideas? Take over the initial organisation for one of the projects in "Environment" or "Social Affairs", network people who've expressed interest by email, create a Whatsapp group, and reserve a university room for a first meeting. Are the roles in the project group clearly distributed? Do they need background information, contacts, inputs? The goal is for the group to organise itself independently after you have given the go-ahead and for you to be involved only marginally as a mentor.

Image by Prateek Katyal
Image by Rita Morais

Input talks and networking

Build up a network of exciting experts from aid organisations or other professionals to periodically invite for input talks in the project groups. Their professional knowledge and years of experience should not only broaden the teams' horizons in an interesting way, but also give them planning security and even more enthusiasm.


The nuts and bolts of the association: enough people to turn ideas into projects! How can Ideaction become known? Design flyers, post them for printing, look for sponsors, organise info events, send emails to all students now and then, and more.

Image by Natalie Pedigo
Ring of Light Bulbs

Website: Publish new ideas, social media, etc.

While some students sign up for existing ideas, others send their own ideas to our email address. These must be published on the website in an appealing form. We can also consider translating the website into other languages to appeal to students from other universities. Do we also need a Facebook or Instagram presence?

Maybe you have other ideas on how to improve the website!

Event Organiser

Help with input talks, the activity fair, stand actions and other events. Or plan events for the project groups, for new interested people or even an excursion with the Ideaction team. Do you have any other ideas for exciting events?

Outdoor Party
Image by Charles Deluvio


Sponsors are needed to cover fees for speakers, printing flyers, events, and the occasional team dinner with a project group. We are infinitely grateful if you help us find some!

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