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Start-up help & support for project groups

What kind of support do the groups need in order to collect, organise and implement their ideas? Take over the initial organisation for one of the projects in "Environment" or "Social Affairs", network people who've expressed interest by email, create a Whatsapp group, and reserve a university room for a first meeting. Are the roles in the project group clearly distributed? Do they need background information, contacts, inputs? The goal is for the group to organise itself independently after you have given the go-ahead and for you to be involved only marginally as a mentor.

Image by Riccardo Annandale

Get involved in "Start-up help & support for project groups"

Are you considering getting involved in this area? If you fill out the form below, you will first receive a non-binding e-mail that will connect you with other interested parties who would like to help shape the student association. Then you can always consider coming to a first meeting and getting a taste of our social entrepreneurship!

(If you are interested in taking over the leadership of this area, please indicate in the comments field.)

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