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Find your project group: Where would you like to get involved? Which idea appeals to you?

Refugees in Switzerland

There are fortunately already many structures in Switzerland that try to alleviate the suffering of refugees. These are based to a large extent on volunteer work, but their potential is far from exhausted. With good ideas, we can expand them - organisations like the regional offices of the Red Cross are highly open to cooperation. How can we make refugees' stay in Switzerland as humane as possible? How can we go about finding enough volunteers for our project idea? Where can existing relief organisations give us a hand?

  • Number of interested people: 2

Image by Tijs van Leur

Benefit Concert for an Aid Organization

Do you enjoy music and would like to organize a benefit concert? The power of the Swiss franc is many times higher abroad than at home. We personally get in touch with aid organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, the Pestalozzi Children's Foundation and the Red Cross to find out where our money can make a difference.

  • Number of interested people: 4

Volunteer at festivals

Would you like to get involved in festivals and events for clean drinking water? Get to know like-minded people in this project group and go on a volunteer assignment for Viva con Agua with them!

New project

Image by Francois Le Nguyen

Fashion Revolution

What type of event would you like to organize to make this industry more sustainable? How can we sensitise people? Whether by holding a public film evening, round table, lecture, upcycling workshop, fashion show with second-hand or sustainable clothing, or a clothing repair shop, exhibition, exchange, demonstration, etc., the fashion revolution sets no limits on creativity and good will.

  • Number of interested people: 6

Culture Sensitized: Poetry Slam 

Sensitising the audience to social injustice at a cultural event can be done, for example, at a poetry slam. Can we motivate amateur slam poets to perform a text that carries a social message, such as making a connection with racism, the perception of LGBTQ in society, women's rights, Swiss refugee policy, unfair wages in manufacturing countries, or a colourful mixture thereof?

Number of interested people: 3

Image by Danie Franco

Old Age and Loneliness in Switzerland

With clever public relations, can we recruit more volunteers for existing projects of organisations like Pro Senectute or the Red Cross (e.g., a visiting service for lonely single people)?

  • Number of interested people: 4

Movie Nights

We organise public film evenings and sensitise the audience with documentaries on topics such as environmental protection and social justice. After the film ends, visitors can stay to discuss the problems presented and thus generate ideas for solutions.

  • Number of interested people: 2

Movie Fun

Promotion of Sustainability

Help aid organisations to become better known or companies to make the economy greener and more sustainable! Students can promote a good cause on campus with an advertising motif on their backpack and profit from it. AdBag is a concept launched by FHNW and HSG students that has already been successfully tested. During the pandemic, however, the project was halted and is now waiting for a new team and new form. What are the organisations and companies we would like to work with? Co-founder Simon Haller supports the new project group as a mentor with his experience and know-how from the successful start-up phase of AdBag.

  • Number of interested people: 2

Content producer for the aid organization Helvetas

Do you have an idea how to convey the work of a development organization to a young audience? Helvetas is a development organization against global poverty, but they also want to expand their educational offerings in Switzerland. Would you like to support Helvetas in expanding its reach in Switzerland?

New project

Studying in the Library
Image by Álvaro Serrano

Own Idea

Do you have your own idea and are looking for a team to implement it with you? Send us an e-mail and we will publish your idea on our website so that people can register with your project group.

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