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Input talks & networking

Build up a network of exciting experts from aid organisations or other professionals to periodically invite for input talks in the project groups. Their professional knowledge and years of experience should not only broaden the teams' horizons in an interesting way, but also give them planning security and even more enthusiasm.

Apart from input talks, we have to think about other events with which we can make our student association even more attractive in order to get more students excited about Ideaction!

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Get involved in the area of "Input talks & Networking"

Are you considering getting involved in this area? If you fill out the form below, you will first receive a non-binding e-mail that will connect you with other interested parties who would like to help shape the student association. Then you can always consider coming to a first meeting and getting a taste of our social entrepreneurship!

(If you are interested in taking over the leadership of this area, please indicate in the comments field.)

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