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Project group "Fundraising for Ukraine"

Should you donate goods or money? The press spokeswoman for the Swiss Red Cross says, "Anyone who donates money also helps the local economy, because many of the required goods can be bought there cheaply". It is therefore better to take advantage of the strong Swiss franc so that local humanitarian organisations can buy the necessary relief supplies and at the same time stimulate the local economy. With its disaster know-how, the Swiss Red Cross works efficiently and is partly financed by donations from Swiss Solidarity. 

Are you motivated to initiate a fundraising event for Ukraine and donate the money to local aid organisations? Take a quick look at the SRF article linked below, which explains what we in Switzerland can do for Ukraine.

Image by Katt Yukawa

Join the "Fundraising for Ukraine" group

Are you considering implementing an idea? If you fill out the form below, you will first receive a non-binding e-mail that will connect you with other interested parties in this subject area. Perhaps this will result in a project group!

Join the group chat

Curious who else is interested in this idea? Here you can join the project group's WhatsApp chat directly. So you can organize yourself, meet and exchange.

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