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Project group "Clothes Swap"

Instead of unworn clothes gathering dust in the closet, we want to give them a new life. To this end, we would like to organize regular clothing swap events at ETH and UZH. The concept of "clothes swap" has long amazed us with its sustainability and simplicity, because it requires little more than a room and people looking for clothes or wanting to get rid of them. And swapping clothes is a lot of fun! In addition, we want to create a way to exchange clothes flexibly in terms of time. For this we would like to set up a wardrobe (if successful, maybe several) at a suitable place at the university, where students can bring and fetch clothes independently.

Are you motivated to help with the organization? Do you have more ideas about swapping clothes? We are a group of motivated people and we are looking for support for our project. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn more about the project or could imagine being part of it!

Clothing Rack

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