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Project group "Natural Pearls"

Do you enjoy music and would like to organise a benefit concert? Would you like to offset the carbon footprint of your past trips and donate the proceeds to organisations like MyClimate, where you can calculate the impact in tonnes of CO2? Is there a specific environmental project that is particularly close to your heart? Instead of doing "good" abroad with volunteer work and ultimately leaving a negative impact with the travel emissions, we in Switzerland can also simply function as a sponsor for existing, professionally-managed projects. We personally get in touch with aid organizations like ProNatura, MyClimate, and the WWF to find out where our funds can make a difference.

Are you considering doing a project in this area? Network with other students to discuss how you want to proceed. Enter your e-mail address below without obligation. After that, you can still think about whether you want to come to a first meeting, where those interested can discuss how to proceed.

Planting a Tree

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