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Project group "Promotion of Sustainability"

Co-founder Simon Haller explains:

6 months before the outbreak of the pandemic, we launched a mobile advertising medium with backpacks under the name AdBag. After a successful initial phase with campaigns for Mobility, Raiffeisen, update Fitness, etc., the pandemic took the wind out of our sails. Our backpacks have been refurbished by people with disabilities and in developing this reusable medium we wanted to actively challenge the manufacture and distribution of promotional gifts while providing students and other low-income individuals with an incentive to participate in a promotional campaign.


During the pandemic, we discontinued the project because a large part of the co-founder team took on a 100% position and no longer had any flexibility in terms of time. We still believe in the potential of the idea and would like to pass our knowledge on to a project group that could reinvent a proof-of-concept case (new brand name, new concept, etc.). I am also happy to help with my network and experience from the first two years, so that the implementation can be as successful and fast as possible.

As part of a new project, we could limit our clientele to organisations and companies that focus on social and/or environmental impact. Which actors do we want to help become more visible on the campus ?


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